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The brands owned by Sakal Media Group have immense influence and can significantly impact culture. To harness this influence, Sakal Media has created a unique set of products that allow partners to leverage the group’s content and audience for business benefits. With a range of world-class brands and innovative products across all platforms, we ensure maximum results for our partners through precise targeting, strong relationships, and deep audience insights.

Our Clients

Sakal Media is the ultimate partner for those looking to create innovative and engaging media and brand collaborations. Our well-renowned brands and preeminent editorial content, combined with our expertise and experience, make us the go-to source for developing products, platforms, and experiences that connect with a loyal audience across diverse verticals such as politics, business, spirituality, food, sports, wellness, and more. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – partner with Sakal Media today to take your brand to the next level.

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At Sakal Media, we don’t just cover the news, we bring it to life. With our live events, we give our audiences full access, authority and influence to be a part of the action. From the Pune Half-marathon and the Sakal Swasthyam to Educon and Sakal Schoolympics, we curate dynamic experiences that put you at the forefront of culture. Our editors, reporters, and the leaders and topics they cover come to life at our events, igniting and shaping the conversation in real-time. With Sakal Media, you don’t just stay informed, you become a part of the story.


Sakal Swasthyam

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Sakal Schoolympics

pune bus day billboard

Pune Bus Day

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Pune Half-marathon