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Working at Sakal Media Group


At Sakal Media Group, you will get the chance to collaborate with our teams of acclaimed journalists, editors, designers, industry leaders, and talented engineers and developers. Together, we create and deliver highquality content that creates a real impact for our readers.

At SMG, we firmly believe that media is a powerful tool for public education and social change. Through our media outlets, we strive to make a positive impact on our society by creating and curating meaningful and educational content across various platforms including print, TV and digital media. We strongly believe that media has the ability to shape public opinion, and hence, publishers play a crucial role in strengthening democracy

Our Culture

Our culture is centred on transparency, respect, diversity, and equal support for career development. Our goal is to create an environment where people can be themselves and achieve their best.

At Sakal Media, we believe everyone pursues happiness, whether it’s through wealth, health, love, or fame. There are many philosophical perspectives on what happiness is and how to attain it. One such perspective is found in the Vedas, a collection of ancient Indian texts that are the oldest scriptural texts of Hinduism and the oldest of any religion still in use. These texts have been a source of inspiration and guidance for many people seeking happiness.

At Sakal Media, we have experienced positive changes, both as an organization and individually. These positive effects have led us to introduce a special initiative to the entire group, with the hope of helping our employees realize that true happiness lies in the journey inward, rather than in external sense objects.

Life in Balance (LIB) by Shreeguru Dr. Balaji Tambe

The Life in Balance program comprises six modules, each consisting of eight activities. These activities provide insight into the purpose and science behind them, as well as recommended resources for practising each point. As part of SMG’s corporate culture initiative, Sakal has partnered with Santulan Ayurveda India to implement the LIB program across its workforce of over 2000 employees.

Our lives are becoming increasingly stressful despite technological advancements. Human health and immunity levels are declining gradually, and there is a rise in the number of people experiencing depression. Happiness and contentment are becoming rare commodities in today’s world.

Material prosperity is necessary for us, but we also require spiritual growth to recognize the good in the world around us. Spiritual growth allows us to go beyond possessions and achievements and develop our identities as beings of consciousness. This, in turn, will help us to overcome our fears and lead a life of purpose in harmony with the world around us.

Finally, what can we do to improve our lives and the world around us? Is there an activity that we can engage in, with a community of like-minded people, that can bring about positive change?

The Life in Balance Movement is the answer to these questions. It encourages us to make small but significant changes to our daily routines, leading to a more balanced and fulfilling life. By coming together with others who share our values, we can create a positive impact on ourselves and the world around us.


Our Goal

Sakal Media Group is a part of AP Globale, which is a privately owned group committed to creating a positive impact in the world. The group has been operational for over eighty years and is primarily involved in Skilling & Education, Funding, Media, Advisory & Consulting, and Community Transformation. As a part of APG, we strive to uphold our values while serving the community and making the world a better place every day.

We strive to improve the quality of life, both physically and mentally, for ourselves and our employees, as well as their financial stability



To Increase the Standard of Life.


To Increase the Standard of Mental and Physical Well-being.



To Increase the Standard of Financial Security.

People & Culture Leadership

Vinod Bidwaik, Director, People and Culture

Vinod Bidwaik, Director, People and Culture

Vinod Bidwaik joined AP Globale as Director – People and Culture, in January 2023. Vinod has an extensive HR leadership experience of 25 years in Indian and multinational companies like Indian Steel, Mahindra & Mahindra, DSM India and Alfa Laval India. Vinod also worked with Sakal Media Group during 2005 to 2009. Before joining us, Vinod was working as Vice President HR and CHRO in Alfa Laval, India, Middle East and Africa.

In his role, Vinod Bidwaik is responsible for the total employee life cycle for AP Globale. He works closely with the core and leadership team of all portfolio companies to improve their HR services like TA, PMS, talent management, succession planning and employee experience.

Vinod has extensive experience in Organizational Redesign, Human Resource Transformation, Performance Management Systems, Talent Management and Development Centres.

He has authored English & Marathi books and is a regular speaker on different forums.

Vinod is a microbiology graduate and has Masters in Personnel management from SPPU. Further, he’s done his Strategic HR Management Programme from IIM Ahmedabad.

Sudhir Sutar, Head of LIB

Sudhir Sutar, Head of LIB

Sudhir Sutar has joined APG as Head of LIB, Life in Balance, in May 2023.

Under the direct guidance and support of LIB founder & creator, Dr. Balaji Tambe, Mr. Sutar has spent a decade developing the curriculum of Life in Balance practices and modules.

As Head of LIB, Sudhir will facilitate the implementation, content creation and overall development of spirituality as part of APG’s and its portfolio companies, corporate culture.