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Transforming Communities for a Better Tomorrow

Media as an enabler of social change

For several decades, Sakal has been a beacon of hope, leading numerous social initiatives that have gone beyond its own regional markets to address social needs across the country. Today, Sakal remains steadfast in its commitment to creating a positive social impact and driving social change.

About Trinity 7 Model


Sakal Media Group’s vision is for sustainable, equitable and measurable socio economic growth and transformation through all its businesses.


Underlying the entire group’s transformation initiatives, is a governance model stemming from the fundamental values that are the essence to the Sakal Media Group as a whole. All verticals as well as projects identified across sectors are born out of these basic values. While growth is our objective, it is imperative for this growth to be entrenched in a strong value system.

The ST-7 model defines the fundamental values espoused by the group and will be the acid test that all projects will be put through. Projects are evaluated first for their social impact and then the manner of implementation. Once the project’s positive impact on society is determined, the implementation will have to engage and connect with the stakeholders and be based on inclusive participation and consensus of all involved. Implementation paths chosen will also ensure accountability and transparency, efficiency and comply with the rule of law.

Our Community Networks

Impact through Community Transformation

For over 90 years, SMG has been committed to initiating real change in communities through our Community Transformation program. We believe that generating awareness, fostering partnerships, and committing ourselves to public service are key to making a difference. That’s why we are inviting global citizens to actively participate in our initiative. Our strong ecosystem of foundations and networks helps us in fostering public awareness and addressing urgent community needs. Choose to join us today and be a part of this remarkable journey towards creating a better world for everyone.

Our goal at SMG is to provide practical and long-lasting solutions to issues in various sectors, including Agricultural Development, Water & Sanitation, Nutrition, Education, Healthcare, and Women and Youth Empowerment. Our intention is to make a substantial difference in communities that are facing challenges. We support natural disaster relief efforts, vocational training programs, and initiatives focused on youth and women’s development through Community Transformation.


Sakal Social Foundation

Sakal Social Foundation has been helping society for the last 80 years through creating or identifying high-impact solutions in diverse fields such as Agricultural Development, Water & Sanitation, Nutrition, Education, Healthcare & Women Empowerment.

The Poona School and Home for the Blind

The Poona School and Home for the Blind were established in the year 1934 as a boy’s school only. A separate school for blind girls came into existence in the year 1974. Soon thereafter, a vocational training centre for girls was established to make them self-sufficient in the outside world. Training these students for self-employment and rehabilitation was the objective of starting this blind school.


Sakal Relief Fund

The Sakal Relief Fund has been providing financial aid during natural disasters in India since 1943. It is one of the largest charitable organizations in India.

Sakal India Foundation

The Sakal India Foundation (SIA) was established in 1959 as an educational organization with a mission to offer enhanced learning experiences. The foundation provides scholarships to Indian students who wish to pursue post-graduate studies abroad or research studies leading to a Ph.D. degree.


Tanishka Foundation

The Tanishka Foundation is a community-based network dedicated to supporting and uplifting women in society. Since its establishment on April 11, 2013, the foundation has grown to have a membership base of over 110,000 members in Maharashtra, India. The network focuses on various key areas such as land rights, education, health, water and sanitation, environment, livelihoods, leadership, and public participation in governance. The foundation is committed to promoting women’s dignity and empowering them to take on leading roles in social and economic transformation.

Young Inspirators Network

The Young Inspirators Network (YIN) is a voluntary association of young citizens committed to driving positive change within their respective spheres of life, be it personal or professional. The primary objective of YIN is to empower young people in contributing to the transformation of the nation through tangible outcomes. Currently, the network boasts over 1.6 million members, all of whom are keen on making a meaningful impact in their communities.


Social for Action

Sakal has launched its own Crowdfunding platform named Social For Action (SFA). SMG believes that the role of media has transformed from being an advocate of social causes to being the facilitator of social change.

SFA aims to address the challenges of donating, such as difficulty in finding the right causes, mistrust, and overall donor apathy. The platform shares stories of pre- qualified individuals and groups with its trusted community and partners, who specialize in supporting local communities, promoting products, or connecting with the cause to make a donation.